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Let Us Help You Discover Your Next Big Thing

For over 15 years, Latham Williams has served as a senior executive in the recruitment industry. Often he would be contacted by individuals who had been very successful in their careers, but were bored or unhappy and didn’t know how to go about making a change.  Through inquiry, trial and error and success, the 5QM system evolved.

5QM brings clarity about career direction and passion and helps participants develop realistic and practical action plans to achieve their Next Big Thing. Our process also helps individuals recognize certain personal behaviors that may interfere with their success, and works with them to formulate strategies to minimize the adverse impact of these “detractors.”

We offer one-on-one coaching and group workshops, as well as additional services such as resumé writing, mock interviews and on-the-job coaching.


Phase I:

Phase II:

Phase III:

Phase IV:

Phase V:

Part A - Stepping Off

Part B - The Deep Dive


Peeling the Onion

Getting Down to Business

The Reality Check

Here's what a few of our clients think about The Five Questions Method...

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