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Take the Road to Success


Through our Leadership Acquisition Assessment and Development (LAAD) solutions, HeadLights is well-positioned to identify, evaluate and advance individual and group talent.

  • Talent Acquisition:  We work with organizations to identify the skills and experience needed for important roles within an organization, and to assist in the search and hire of qualified resources. Our partners have the reach and technology to source and qualify candidates. As a result, HeadLights can help organizations find talent in a couple of ways –


  1. Full-service recruiting services, where we identify, interview and assist in the selection and hiring of highly qualified candidates.  Our compensation for this service is based on agreed upon success criteria, such as actual hires; and

  2. Candidate search services, where we identify highly qualified candidates for organizations to interview and consider for employment.  With this option, we receive a one-time fee for identifying a group of qualified candidates, regardless of the number of actual hires made from the group.

  • Talent Assessment:  We also assess existing talent to help organizations ensure their resources have the requisite skills and competencies to meet job requirements.  We use in-depth assessment tools that look at six competencies: intellectual, personal, interpersonal, management, leadership and motivational. When appropriate, our talent assessment includes interviewing key members of constituency groups that interact with these individuals.

  • Individual and Group Development:  We help organizations to improve individual and group effectiveness, especially at the senior leadership team and board levels.   Our methodology includes exploring division of responsibility, strategic planning, crisis management, succession planning, resolving dilemmas, and trust within organizations.  

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